Sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea

Sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea

 Have you ever heard of sustainable tourism? Do you know what is it about? And how does this kind of tourism work in Equatorial Guinea? We answer all of your questions in this article.

Sustainable tourism is an activity that is earning more and more supporters because of all of the advantages it brings to the planet and to societies. To define it, two ideas have been gathered, which apparently have nothing in common: tourism and sustainability.

Sustainable tourism presents itself as the solution to inequality and lacking resources among communities that depend on them

What is sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea?

Many times, we are not aware of how much we consume while we travel, from our departure to our return. This is reflected in the carbon footprint, which is the impact of our actions on Earth. That is why many countries have already taken steps and legal actions to accomplish the principle of sustainability through the SDGs. 

Equatorial Guinea is one of these countries. The support to sustainable tourism lead to a better use of the resources. In other words, if we understand the reality of our planet, we’ll make better use of it. It is a win-win situation if we participate together.

Corisco church
Corisco church

How can we encourage sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea?

Making sure that tourism in Equatorial Guinea is sustainable and responsible is everybody’s responsibility: authorities, agencies, tourists and even the local population.

Adapted activities in Equatorial Guinea

One way of encouraging sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea is to adapt the activities that are carried out on the destination. Unfortunately, many traditional tourism activities can be polluting. That is why ideally a limited number of passengers should be fixed per day, among other measures.

Tourists in Equatorial Guinea

From cities to nature in Equatorial Guinea

On the other hand, capitals and big cities generally (Malabo and Bata in Equatorial Guinea) tend to receive the biggest number of travelers because they host the most emblematic monuments and places. However, there’s a lot more to discover outside these two cities; Equatorial Guinea outstands for its rich biodiversity. Visiting the various local natural paradises favors sustainable tourism.

Local culture in Equatorial Guinea

In order to truly promote the development of fair trade, the protection of natural spaces and livelihoods, we must practice tourism that respects the authenticity of the local culture. Among the wonders in Equatorial Guinea there are its peoples, its cultural values and traditions, its languages… Respect for the local culture is one of the key aspects of sustainable tourism.


Sustainable practices for the tourist in Equatorial Guinea

There are certain behaviors that tourists can display to contribute to the encouragement of sustainable tourism. Among these, there is the choice of quality operators who respect the culture, people’s rights and the environment. At the destination, we must use the natural resources like water or energy responsibly. It is essential to minimize waste, and surroundings must be kept clean. Plus, when shopping, try to contribute to the communities’ local economy.

What are the goals of sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea?

Sustainable tourism standards must be the main goal of tourism in Equatorial Guinea. Keeping the natural and cultural wealth must be the priority of the country. This implies that monuments, the environment and culture must be preserved so both people from Equatorial Guinea and foreign tourists will be able to enjoy them.

In Equatorial Guinea, nature receives special attention because it plays a fundamental role for the local society. As well as other countries, resources are obtained from nature. And the country’s unique places and species makes it even more necessary to respect the biodiversity for our generation and the future ones.

At the same time, Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country that will progressively receive more tourists due to the upcoming online visa. Therefore, activities will grow, so it is everybody’s responsibility to enjoy the reserves, parks, beaches and forests in a respectful and conscious way.


Conclusion about sustainable tourism in Equatorial Guinea

Sustainable tourism has come to stay and Rumbo Malabo will keep setting it as the guiding principle of our activities. As a traveling agency from Equatorial Guinea, we prioritize the experience of tourists. With this purpose in mind, we know we must consider sustainable tourism as part of our company policies. It is fundamental for our followers to take an unforgettable memory from Equatorial Guinea with them.

We advocate for the defense and protection of our spaces, because losing them will take away the opportunity for anyone to discover Equatorial Guinea. Come and experience our country from the sustainable tourism approach: inclusive, healthy and mutually beneficial.

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