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When is it going to be possible to travel to Equatorial Guinea with an online visa?

When is it going to be possible to travel to Equatorial Guinea with an online visa?

Are you willing to travel to Equatorial Guinea? Soon it will be much easier with the new online visa system. In this article, we’ll tell you when it will be effective and all details.

Traveling to Equatorial Guinea with an online visa will soon be a reality. Many countries count on the possibility of traveling with an online visa and recently, Equatorial Guinea now joined the list. The news has been received with enthusiasm, as it represents a milestone in the way of visiting Equatorial Guinea and brings many advantages.

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In this article we have prepared for you, you will know the benefits of the online visa for your tourism trip to Equatorial Guinea.

When will I be able to travel to Equatorial Guinea with an online visa?

Last 16th July, Equatorial Guinea strengthened ties with the company VFS GLOBAL online visa. And we already know when it will be effective.

1st February, 2023 has been set as the date on which Equatorial Guinea will receive its first tourist with an online visa. This is great news for the country because the implementation of this alternative eases and promotes tourism in Equatorial Guinea.

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Equatorial Guinea finally chose this provider among all options to provide this service as it is the world’s leading company. This way, the reception quality in Equatorial Guinea for tourists with an online visa is warranted.

This new measure of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and, in particular, the initiative of the Vice President, H.E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, is a significant step forward for tourism in the country.

How can I obtain my online visa to travel to Equatorial Guinea?

We know that when preparing for your visit to Equatorial Guinea, many questions pop up and among them, there’s the one million one: which documents do I need to travel to Equatorial Guinea? This is something we help you with through our Equatorial Guinea’s complete guide.

With the traditional visa system, depending on which is your departure country, you will just have to contact the embassy or ask for an appointment, follow the next steps and wait until its reception. We suggest you do it well in advance of your trip so you’ll get your visa on time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you!

Nevertheless, from the moment the online visa starts in Equatorial Guinea, procedures will change and the steps will be much easier due to the procedure automation, which will be done online.

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Advantages of the online visa to enjoy tourism in Equatorial Guinea

With technology development, countries opt to modernize systems. Equatorial Guinea has not stepped back. It has also moved forward in order to streamline travel and boost tourism. This will allow procedures to become faster, therefore, the problems of physical visas are now solved with the new online visa.

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Some of the advantages of this system are the following:

  • You will no longer have to wait for your visa to be prepared and sent. With this first online visa, you can save so much time and avoid some procedures. Now it’ll be much easier to travel to Equatorial Guinea and discover its wonders, like its beaches, much appreciated by those who are looking for quietness.
  • At the same time, the online visa will allow you to make the payment in several ways, so if you have a bank card, you can pay with just one click the amount of the procedure.
  • Another positive aspect is that Equatorial Guinea procures this advantage for tourists. By offering this alternative, it will be possible to welcome tourists willing to come to Equatorial Guinea more frequently and easily.

Conclusions of the online visa in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a great country with great potential that offers wonders and an enviable setting (like Ilachi waterfalls). This new facility is great news for tourism because it simplifies a procedure that could be complex, and now it’s at the approach with just a few clicks.

From Rumbo Malabo we eagerly wait for the arrival of the long-awaited date (1st February 2023!), because it will bring many changes. And as you will require a visa for your trip to Equatorial Guinea, with this new great opportunity, it won’t be necessary to wait anymore. Now it’ll be much easier to enjoy the conscious tourism of Equatorial Guinea. We’re waiting for you!

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