Islands of Equatorial Guinea

12 days

Corisco Beach


This tour is designed for those who want to uncover all the secrets of Bioko Island, the main island of Equatorial Guinea, and Corisco Island, one of the lesser-known ones.

Rumbo Malabo gives you the chance to feel and experience firsthand life in the region. Over these twelve days, you’ll explore the island in a way few have done before, discovering places unknown to most people.

And most importantly, we’ll make your trip a unique and personal experience.

  • Duration: 12 days
  • Availability: All seasons
  • Group or private tours (min 2 PAX)


  • Arrival at Malabo Airport.
  • Transfer and check-in at your accommodation in the city.
  • Trip to the city of Luba, enjoying panoramic views.
  • Time to relax at Arena Blanca Beach.
  • Visit the iconic Batete Church.
  • Excursion to the majestic Pico Basile National Park, with panoramic views from the summit.
  • Visit to Rebola, discovering the authenticity of Malabo.
  • Relax on Sipopo Beach to enjoy its tranquility.
  • Visit and tour of Sampaka farm to taste 100% locally made artisanal chocolate.
  • Visit “El Rancho” to meet rescued species from local markets.
  • Stroll through the National Park.
  • Watch the sunset on the waterfront.
  • Flight from Malabo to Bata.
  • Road trip to discover the majestic Mbini Bridge and the city bearing its name.
  • Arrival at Cabo San Juan.
  • Motorboat trip to Corisco.
  • Visit to Magane Say and overnight stay in Corisco.
  • Exploration through the heart of the city, encompassing the Cemetery, the impressive Church, and the ancient Spanish ruins.
  • Relaxed stroll along the white sandy beach in Corisco.
  • Additional option: Excursion to Elobey Grande and Chica (booked separately, subject to local conditions).
  • Enjoy the sunset at the serene Magane Say Beach.
  • Departure by boat to Cabo San Juan at the captain’s chosen time.
  • Opportunity to explore the village of Handje, depending on available time.
  • Visit to the city of Bata and overnight accommodation in Bata.
  • Flight from Bata to Malabo.
  • Journey to the city of Moka.
  • Visit to the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program conservation center.
  • Exploration of Moka, ascent to Biao Lake surrounded by lush nature.
  • Connection with local culture and legends of the lake.
  • Hike along the stunning Ureka beach, crossing rivers and enjoying nature.
  • Possibility of witnessing the nesting of giant turtles (depending on the season).
  • Dinner on the beach and overnight stay in tents to experience the nighttime surroundings.
  • Sunrise breakfast on the beach.
  • Jungle walk in search of primates.
  • Visit to the first waterfall.
  • Return to Malabo.
  • Visit to Malabo Cathedral and its surroundings.
  • Chat at the classic “Tia Betty” restaurant.
  • Visit “El Rancho” to meet rescued species from local markets.
  • Transfer to the airport for the return journey.

Amenities included

  • Accommodation with breakfast in selected hotels
  • Airport-hotel-airport transportation
  • Boat from Cabo San Juan to Corisco and return
  • Entrance fees to national parks
  • Mentioned tours and excursions
  • Tourist and photographic permits
  • Transportation for scheduled tours
  • Regional flights Malabo-Bata-Malabo

What is NOT included?

  • International flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips and personal expenses.
  • Meals not specified in “included services.”
  • Any service not specified as included.


  • Accommodation 2*: Basic hotels in Kogo
  • Accommodation 3*: Basic hotels with WIFI and A/C
  • Accommodation 4*: Premium hotels with WIFI, A/C, pool, and premium services
  • Accommodation 5*: Luxury hotels with WIFI, A/C, pool, and luxury services in Djiboloh
  • Camping in tents in Ureka
  • Bungalows with scheduled power and water cuts in Corisco

Additional Information

  • Visas: Necessary documentation is provided for obtaining the visa online.
  • Trip to Corisco:
    • The supply of electricity and water in Corisco is subject to the power supply, which is beyond our control. Usually, there is electricity available for about 8 hours a day, affecting the availability of light and water on the island.
    • The journey from Cabo San Juan to Corisco is by motorboat, depending on its availability for the journey. Safety measures: Life jackets.
    • The duration of the boat trip may vary due to tides, meaning the departure and arrival at Corisco may experience unforeseen changes, at the captain’s discretion, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the journey.
  • Recommendations:
    • It’s advisable to bring a waterproof backpack for the excursion to Ureka.
    • It’s advisable to bring a warm jacket for the ascent to Pico Basile.
    • It’s advisable to bring hiking boots for this journey.
    • It’s advisable to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to avoid mosquito bites.
    • It’s advisable to wear sandals with full support or water shoes for the trip to Ureka.

Why Choose Us?

Explore the fascinating Bioko Island and the mainland of Equatorial Guinea with Rumbo Malabo and immerse yourself in a truly unique and authentic experience. We have local guides in both Corisco and Ureka, who will lead you through lush natural landscapes and vibrant cultural destinations. During your stay, you’ll enjoy carefully selected comfortable accommodations. Your safety is our priority, which is why we offer personalized service. Moreover, real testimonials support our dedication to providing unforgettable journeys. With Rumbo Malabo, you’ll connect with the very essence of the island and live an experience that goes beyond conventional tourism.

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