Visit Ilachi Waterfalls

Introduction of Iladyi or Ilachi Waterfalls

The Iladyi or Ilachi waterfalls are one of the most spectacular attractions on the Island of Bioko, impressive for their location, where three independent rivers become one.  Ilachi river falls about 250 meters from the canyon. The largest waterfall in the country!

Ilachi waterfalls are located at a considerable distance from the town of Moka. Trekking through the jungle will take 1-2 hours depending on the pace. We will experience the local habitats where you can watch the waterfalls flow down slopes endowing the landscape with its unusual beauty.

This is not all, the adventure includes crossing a river, medium difficulty descents through the mountain, sighting of zebus and spectacular photographs. It is one of the most unknown places on the island of Bioko, if you want to boast of knowledge of the island, clearly this place is the right place.

In addition, it has the advantage of accommodating itself very well with other excursions in the area such as the visit to Lake Biao and the visit to Lake Loreto.

In our blog we tell you how your day could be in the excursion to the Ilachi waterfalls.



  • 1-2 hours

What is included?

  • Visit the highert waterfall of the country (Ilachi).
  • Local expert guide for the hike.
  • Observe and admire the waterfalls falling next to the mountain
  • Optional: Take a bad in the river

What sould I take for this activity?

  • Hiking boots, long pants and a raincoat are essential.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Plenty of water
  • Optional: Swimsuit and towel for the river


Packages that include the visit to Ilachi or Iladyi Waterfalls

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