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Discover Equatorial Guinea with Rumbo Malabo


Glance at Bioko island

4 days


Bioko Explorer

5 days


Bioko's Jewel

7 days


The secrets of Bioko

9 days

Corisco Sunset

The beauty of Equatorial Guinea

10 days

Corisco Beach

Equatorial Guinea's island

12 days

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Rumbo Malabo is a young company born to showcase firsthand the enormous untapped potential of Equatorial Guinea.

We believe in responsible and ecological tourism, and therefore our philosophy is to reveal these yet-to-be-discovered secrets while respecting nature and its culture.

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Based on 55 reviews
It was a great 2 days tour. The driver was exellent with full knowledge of the country. Guides very kind. Congratulations!
Renee Wash
Renee Wash
The Rumbo Malabo team made my experience on Bikako Island very interesting and fun. They were always on time and friendly. Even thought it was rainy season, they made sure I didn’t miss the most interesting and beautiful parts of the island. I am very happy with my tour and the Rumbo Malabo team.
Osama A
Osama A
Did 3 days of tours with Rumbo Malabo. They were well organized and provided exactly what was requested. The guide Javi was great. He had a lot of interest information about Equatorial Guinea.
Chris W.
Chris W.
Simply the best! The tour was organized perfectly. Travelled the island and also the mainland. The 10 days were perfect. Highly recommended and go!
Vanessa R
Vanessa R
What an amazing experience at the Reserva Científica, Bioko island. Love, love, love. Thanks to Rumbo Malabo, and its friendly guides, we got to respectfully experience sea turtles digging holes to lay their eggs in. We visited amazing waterfalls and got to spend lovely and enriching moments at the dinner table with Jana Lopez… thank you, thank you, thank you! I will absolutely repeat this experience! Next time I will bring an inflatable mattress along though… 😉
Sheila Ruiz
Sheila Ruiz
Rumbo Malabo is an EXCELLENT local tourist agency with tonnes of expertise about Equatorial Guinea! They organised an UNFORGETTABLE trip for a group of us to visit the sacred Ureka Falls in late December 2022 and we loved every minute of it! We stayed the night in a lovely eco-friendly wooden campsite, so we could see the marine turtles come on shore to lay their eggs, and that was simply MAGICAL! My 7 yearold son keeps remembering this BEAUTIFUL experience, which was certainly the highlight of his trip! The Rumbo Malabo team took care of everything, including food and water and arranging the required tourist permits for Ureka, and all we had to do was relax and enjoy! I’d highly recommend Rumbo Malabo to anyone who wants to visit Equatorial Guinea and see the best the country has to offer with ease and comfort!
Cristina Maria Sa Roka
Cristina Maria Sa Roka
Espectacular la experiencia, un servicio de 10, siempre atento y la comida de Florencio excelente 👌🏾✌🏾
Javier González Sanz
Javier González Sanz
Impresionante experiencia con Rumbo Malabo. Vinimos desde España con las expectativas muy altas, pero las hemos sobrepasado por completo. Playas paradisíacas, cascadas de ensueño, fauna impresionante (monos, tortugas, etc), dormir en la jungla. Todo ello de la mano del equipazo de Héctor, profesionalidad, seguridad y buen trato. Si estás pensando en ir a Guinea Ecuatorial desde España, esta es la mejor forma. ¡De matrícula!