The jewel of Bioko

7 days


Bioko Island is Equatorial Guinea’s main Island located northwest of the country’s capital Malabo.  Our service here at Rumbo Malabo is to experience life as it pans out here Malabo. During your stay, you will discover some of the most spectacular natural passages on the Island. And most importantly, we will make your trip a unique and personal experience.

Dare to discover the Island of Bioko?

Day 1:

  • Welcome to Malabo! We will be waiting for you at the Malabo International Airport, and we will transfer you to the accommodation you have chosen. Depending on the time your flight arrives, we will have some surprises for you.

Day 2:

  • The first-day trip is to Luba, a coastal town south of the city of Malabo. We will drive to the beautiful bay where Count Arjelejos took possession of the Island in the name of Spain in 1778.

  • Are you looking for hidden beaches? Here we have them; we will make a stop at the Arena Blanca beach, a meeting place for the inhabitants of Malabo during the weekends to take a walk along the seashore.

  • Attentive !, because the visit does not end here. We will take you to the largest waterfalls in the country with a drop of more than 200 meters! The famous Ilachi waterfalls.

  • And finally, we will return to Malabo, and we will leave you the rest of the day free to explore the city.

Day 3:

  • Do you want to visit the highest point in the island? Then let us check out Basilé peak, three thousand meters above sea level. Today we will take you to the town; we will have a panoramic view of the city of Malabo and Mount Cameroon.

  • Later, we shall relax in Sipopo City with a tranquil walk on the Horacio islet, enjoying; as a result haven of peace. Prepare your camera to snap the most exciting shots and become the envy of your friends.

  • Once relaxed, we will return to the city of Malabo and enjoy a free restful afternoon.

Day 4:

  • Have you ever wondered how we make the most delicious chocolate? Finca de Sampaka has been cultivating cocoa traditionally since 1906; we will try the various chocolate tablets created for different palates from the sweetest to the bitterest taste.

  • The movie “Palmeras en la nieve” was partly filmed here in Finca Sampaka. If you like chocolate, you could take it as a souvenir.

  • Next visit, will be the promenade! And then Malabo’s National Park will be next, where we will enjoy and a multitude of various local trees, and art from Guinean authors.

  • The rest of the day off we will leave you to explore the park on your own or learn the secrets of the city.

Day 5:

  • After breakfast, we take you to the most mystical and “haunted” place on Bioko Island, Lake Biao (Lake Moka), the cradle of the Bubi people. What happens to an inactive volcano when it rains? It is flooded and offers us spectacular views of both the fauna and the virgin flora.

  • After the walk, we will return to Malabo and let you rest the rest of the day; tomorrow it promises to be busy.

Day 6:

  • Today is shopping day! Do you want to experience how the locals live? We will visit Semu Market, the largest in the city, where you can find everything, an excellent option for gift shopping for loved ones.

  • Central market one of our stops today! , the oldest in the city. Through its narrow paths, you will know first-hand the local environment and why not, take a piece of Equatorial Guinea to your homes

  • We promise that the day will be hard, so we will reward you with the rest of the day off to rest. And you will need it because tomorrow is a big day.

Day 7:

  • Sadly we will say goodbye here. We are sure you will have enjoyed it as much as we have. We will take you to the airport, and we will do all the necessary procedures for you. And most importantly, we will be waiting for your return



  • 7 days


  • Explore unspoilt and hidden beaches of Arena Blanca and Playa de Los Franceses
  • Enjoy the Ilachi waterfalls
  • Enjoy the views of Pico Basilé
  • Taste 100% national chocolate at Finca Sampaka
  • Dive into  Semu market
  • Learn about the history and secrets of the city of Malabo.

What is included?

  • Six nights accommodation with breakfast included in hotels.
  • Documents necessary to obtain the visa.
  • Pick up and drop off at Malabo International Airport.
  • All entrances to national parks
  • Photographic and tourist permits.
  • Transport  from the hotel to the starting point of any tour.

What is NOT included?

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Any other expenses not mentioned earlier


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