The best beaches in Equatorial Guinea: Those you cannot miss

The best beaches in Equatorial Guinea: Those you cannot miss

Do you know if Equatorial Guinea has beaches? Could you say which are the best ones in the country? On this occasion, we do not want you to end your trip to Equatorial Guinea without having enjoyed some of the wonderful beaches it houses.

It is known by many that Equatorial Guinea not only has wonderful biodiversity that makes it a paradisiacal place—the intense green of its leafy vegetation, the pleasant climate, the fauna marked by the variety of primate species… But the icing on the cake that makes this country authentic is, without a doubt, its beaches.

And this is what many daydreams about. Sometimes we just need to lie on a sun lounger and be surrounded by the sand and the sea to be happy, but unfortunately, these are often mere thoughts that we cannot carry out. Well, the good news we bring is that, with these beaches of Equatorial Guinea mentioned below, you are one step away from making your wishes come true.

Does Equatorial Guinea have beaches?

The answer is obvious, Equatorial Guinea has beautiful beaches on the islands, both in Bioko and in Annobón and Corisco. And we can’t forget the mainland either. From the best known to the most hidden, we invite you to take this tour so that you become initiated into tourism in Equatorial Guinea.

In this article, we discuss all about some of the best Equatorial Guinean beaches, both on the islands and in the continental region. You just can’t miss it!

Beaches of Equatorial Guinea on the Island of Bioko

Bioko is a beautiful island where you will find several types of beaches, from artificial, among which Sipopo beach stands out, to natural white sand beaches such as Aleñá, even beaches with an visible volcanic origin, such as Moaba beach. This multitude of options make Bioko Island a paradisiacal place full of natural contrasts.

Sipopo Beach

Sipopo beach is located 15 km from the city of Malabo in the recently created city of Sipopo. This artificial beach is the most visited by the citizens of the capital city. On one side, there is the public beach that is accessed from ¨La Gaviota¨ restaurant, and on the other, other private beaches are accessed from the main entrance and from the Sofitel Hotel in Malabo. Feel free to choose the one you like the most and enjoy these calm waters with views of the Horacio Islet.
Sipopo Beach

Moaba Beach or Ureka Beach

Tourism in Moaba Beach is gradually gaining momentum. Framed within one of the most iconic landscapes of the island of Bioko, Ureka, Moaba is a real delight for tourists. In our opinion, this is a not-to-miss place if you are determined to discover the secrets of this beautiful island.

Lose yourself in its over 3 km of virgin beach and discover the waterfalls and secrets hidden around it. Spend the night if you can and, depending on the season, you might be able to see the magnificent leatherback turtles.

Ureka Beach

Aleñá or Arena Blanca Beach

Around 30 km from Malabo we find Aleñá Beach, southwest of J. Reit and northeast of Punta Cabras. Here you can explore the surroundings, get lost and find yourself again a million times until you get to know in detail each and every one of its nooks and crannies, where many take the opportunity to relax.

The black rocks scattered along the beach give it that touch that makes it one of the most recognizable. Behind the large fruit trees, the owners of the small bars await you with open arms, to accommodate you with a snack or drink.

As you approach the forest covered by a soft mist, you will immediately enjoy the unreal, magical sight. Besides taking a bath, another thing you can do on the beaches of Equatorial Guinea is taking home a local souvenir by collecting a shell that you may find along the way.

Arena Blanca

Beaches of Equatorial Guinea in the Continental Region

Apart from the well-known beaches in the insular region, Equatorial Guinea also has another precious and even more unknown region: The Continental Region. From the city of Bata and its surroundings to the Punta Mbonda Lighthouse, we can find many long pristine beaches of fine sand that serve as a refuge for many inhabitants of this beautiful region. Among the most outstanding beaches of the continental region, we can find the following:

Utonde Beach

You have certainly looked at some catalogs with sunsets on exotic beaches that can make you fall in love. Well, if you wonder what they are like or where they are, just go to Utonde Beach. This beach is full of life and joy thanks to its people and its proximity to the city of Bata.

It is ideal for tourism in Equatorial Guinea. We have no doubt that even mountain lovers would come here to take a dip. This beach has everything you need and more, so when you make your trip to Equatorial Guinea don’t forget to add it to the list of places to visit.

Utonde Beach

Bome Beach

Bome, a town near Bata and home to the famous and well-known Bome resort, has a truly luxurious beach. This beach is a true Equatorial Guinean treasure, and what makes it so special is the atmosphere in it. You can spend hours and hours losing yourself on the horizon, and its temperatures will make this a pleasant experience accompanied by the coming and going of the waves, which will be music to your ears.
Bome Beach

Punta Mbonda Beach

On this beach, the sand is so soft that it will give you the sensation of being among desert dunes… with the nearby sea. The simplicity of this incredible landscape populated with palm trees and forests will encourage you to spend an unimaginable afternoon as part of your trip to Equatorial Guinea.

During the rainy season, the clouds give this beach an even more dreamlike aspect, as if it were a majestic piece of work. But when the sky is clear, you can see the famous lighthouse of Punta Mbonda even more radiant. So, if you have the opportunity or you find yourself in this area, don’t leave without visiting this beach in Equatorial Guinea that will bring you a wave of pure happiness.

Punta Mbonda

Beaches of Equatorial Guinea on the Island of Corisco

We cannot forget the beaches of the island of Corisco. Corisco is a peaceful island of 17 km², more unknown than the others, but no less important for that. Its name comes from the Portuguese (lightning), due to its colonial past. It is where you can observe the purity of the water and spend an unforgettable day. Being little-visited is the ideal corner for privacy. So you will be surrounded by this haven of peace and tranquility.

Beaches of Equatorial Guinea on the Island of Annobon

Another island that you cannot miss is Annobón. In it are the Main Beach and the Love Beach.

Playa del Palmar or Basuai or Main Beach

At the main beach you’ll see people hanging out, whether it’s riding the little boats or just playing ball or volleyball. It is a very lively and cheerful place, where you can breathe joy and fun. Also, if you are adventurous, you can try to swim to the island of the turtle ( ehh cudjin ), named for its shape and which is located just 100 meters from the main beach.
Annobon Island

Love beach

And what about this last beach in Equatorial Guinea… Playa del Amor is a refuge for those who enjoy privacy since it is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world. It is perfect to practice meditation or connect with the beauty of the country’s nature. Also, as its name indicates, love is in the air, so if you are planning a dreamy romantic getaway, this beach will become your next favorite corner of Equatorial Guinea.
Annobon Island

Our conclusion on the beaches of Equatorial Guinea

As you have seen, the beaches of Equatorial Guinea are very diverse, but the country contains many more beaches that we’ve been able to mention. Any excuse is good to visit each of them. We already recommended the Playa del Amor to spend your time you’re your special someone, for example on Valentine’s Day, although it is just as wonderful when you just want to treat yourself.

And in addition to beaches, we can’t ignore two other great places to visit in Equatorial Guinea: Pico Basilé and the Ilachi waterfalls are some of the best Equatorial Guinean treasure spots; so if you are a nature lover, these are other alternatives you can choose while visiting Equatorial Guinea.

We still want to remind you that in order to have the best experience, respect and care for the environment do come first. Unfortunately, tourist areas are often the first ones to be affected, so we recommend acting responsibly. Do not hesitate and come and enjoy the adventure and the beaches of Equatorial Guinea.

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