Five charming places to visit for Valentine’s Day in Equatorial Guinea

Five charming places to visit for Valentine’s Day in Equatorial Guinea

What are the best places for a romantic getaway in Equatorial Guinea? What charming places are ideal to visit on Valentine’s Day? Here you’ll find a selection of five idyllic sites where to celebrate in the best company.

Ureka beach sunset

Equatorial Guinea has an infinity of charming places, appreciated by both locals and visitors. On occasions like Valentine’s Day, it is only normal to be indecisive. Nerves play tricks on us, and we fear causing the opposite effect when all we want is for everything to go well enough for our partner to see how much we love them.

Relax and breathe easy because today Rumbo Malabo brings you the best and most charming places in Equatorial Guinea to visit for Valentine’s Day. Of all of them, we show you the most ideal ones, either because they are the most famous and enjoy a good reputation or because they are the perfect corner for you to fully enjoy this lovely day

Valentine's Day in Equatorial Guinea

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated moments for couples in love in Equatorial Guinea. Many take advantage of the occasion to surprise their other half, either by giving a bouquet of flowers, preparing a romantic dinner or indulging in some unexpected detail.

But there are also those who consider that this is not an exclusive day for lovers. Valentine’s Day is also spent with family or friends and used to show love and affection to those closest to you. That is why some have the custom of congratulating each other through phone calls or meeting up to share this day.

This clearly shows that Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone, which you can celebrate in the company of whoever you want at any of these five charming places while in Equatorial Guinea.

Charming places in Equatorial Guinea for Valentine's Day

At Rumbo Malabo we know that many are already counting down to this long-awaited date, so here are five places in Equatorial Guinea to enjoy Valentine’s Day and keep the flame of love alive with your better half, or with family or friends, or alone if meant be!

Torre de la Libertad (Freedom Tower)

The first place with Equatorial Guinean charm that we want to tell you about is the Freedom Tower. It is a monument located on the seafront of Bata, whose structure somewhat resembles the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, but made of concrete. Built in 2009 and with a height of 68 m, it represents the modernity of the country.

It is divided into two levels. On the elevated floor, you will find a restaurant where you will have the pleasure of losing yourself in the views to the horizon. In the lower one, there is a nightclub for the party animals. If you decide to visit on Valentine’s night, this enchanting place can be even more spectacular, since it lights up and creates a beautiful choreography of light in contrast with the swaying of the sea.

Punta Mbonda

Without a doubt, this beautiful town in the continental area of Equatorial Guinea is another charming place that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. It is a perfect plan for backpackers who like to get lost and embark on a romantic adventure.

Punta Mbonda is a haven of peace where you will see the local lighthouse from afar. This construction is one of the oldest in the country and dates back to colonial times. Here you can spend a fabulous day with your special person touring its beaches, whose palm trees make it very charming. In addition, the town offers the opportunity to discover its history and customs through other buildings such as the small church, very popular among the locals.

Walk along Avenida de la Independencia

Next to this other charming place is the famous Cathedral of Santa Isabel in Malabo, although this is not the only relic your lover may fall in love with on Valentine’s Day in this area.

The views of the sea are one more hypnotic force that Equatorial Guinea offers and, without a doubt, they charm everyone who passes by. If you go as a family or with children, this place is also ideal as it is a quiet corner where the little ones can safely run around without rest.

Río Kié

To nature lovers: on February 14 you have an appointment in this haven of peace that you cannot miss. We are sure that this river and its landscape will leave you speechless.

The Kié River is located in the province of Kié-Ntem, and is the largest in the area. A good walk along its course will allow you to breathe the fresh air and get in touch with the amazing atmosphere. Stop and listen to how the water placidly runs: this is your magical Valentine’s moment.

Playa del Amor (Love Beach)

We have saved this surprise for last. This last charming place that we propose to visit on Valentine’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is everything you have been looking for and need on this special day.

Playa del Amor is an isolated cove surrounded by rocks, east of the city of Palé (also known as San Antonio de Palé), in Annobón. The soft sand and crystal clear water puts a show on its own which, of course, your partner will appreciate on Valentine’s Day.

Here you can spend a pleasant afternoon with a relaxing bath and an mesmerizing sunset. The reddish tones of the setting sun will captivate you both—you may not want to leave this little piece of heaven on Earth. This may become of the most charming moments of your February 14.

Annobon Island

In short: enjoy the charm of Equatorial Guinea on Valentine's Day

We have brought you some of the most romantic choices you can opt for this Valentine’s Day. Equatorial Guinea is a country full of charming places. Both the islands and the mainland are true jewels in the open where you will enjoy love contemplating rare beauty.

We know that there are many other charming plans to spend this special day in Equatorial Guinea, such as a visit to the Ilachi waterfalls, something you should do at least once during your stay. We can’t tell you about of them on one single post!

Your partner, friends and family will definitely fall in love with the magnificence of these magical, romantic, charming places. This February 14 we don’t want you to miss them. Enjoy your time in Equatorial Guinea!

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