Rumbo Malabo and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Equatorial Guinea

Rumbo Malabo and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Equatorial Guinea

Have you ever heard of the Sustainable Development Goals? You know what they are? In case this sounds familiar to you but it is still not clear enough, this article will help you learn more about this and how Rumbo Malabo is joining this cause so that you can fully enjoy tourism in Equatorial Guinea.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals ) are a series of global goals that have been established to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Due to the socioeconomic and environmental problems that have been going on for decades, in 2015 the UN General Assembly established these goals to be achieved by 2030
In recent years, several summits have taken place with one common consensus: change depends on everyone. To contribute to these objectives, Rumbo Malabo is committed to environmental tourism as an alternative to improving the state of the planet and also offer ideas for traveling to Equatorial Guinea in the most eco-friendly way.

How does Equatorial Guinea comply with the Sustainable Development Goals?

One of the greatest challenges that countries face is to comply with the SDGs, since each goal faces its own difficulties. To this end, great progress has already been made in Equatorial Guinea with respect to SDGs 4 and 5 (quality education and gender equality, respectively). In fact, the creation of numerous new schools confirms the positive change that has been experienced. On the environmental level, SDGs 14 and 15 determine the beginning of the joint effort to preserve the biodiversity of Equatorial Guinea. This is where tourism plays a fundamental role.
Tourism in Equatorial Guinea is mainly environmental; the beaches and the flora and fauna are of interest to anyone who wishes to visit Equatorial Guinea. Therefore, it is important that we are aware of the value of nature while traveling. Likewise, Rumbo Malabo also joins the cause and raises awareness about this type of tourism

Rumbo Malabo and the Sustainable Development Goals in Equatorial Guinea

From the beginning, our goal has always been to ensure the well-being of both our clients and that of Equatorial Guinea, promoting environmentally friendly tourism. We know that each of the goals is essential to making our planet a healthy and liveable place for generations to come. That is why here we focus on the SDGs that concern us the most and on which Rumbo Malabo works on a daily basis.

Rumbo Malabo and SDG 13: Climate action in Equatorial Guinea

Rising temperatures, torrential waters, unprecedented disasters… These events go hand in hand with global warming. Rumbo Malabo is focusing on the so-called green transition (which helps decarbonize the economy), as one of the solutions proposed for this SDG. This means that the impact of the carbon footprint produced can be reduced. In our day to day we also leave a carbon footprint through the products we buy and consume, the use of cars and electricity, etc. Including taking a plane to travel to Equatorial Guinea. The key is to apply those alternatives that slow down the advance of global warming (use of public transport or avoiding fast fashion, among others).
Accion por el clima Rumbo Malabo

Rumbo Malabo and SDG 14: Underwater life in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s beaches, including its mangroves, are amongst the country’s greatest attractions and have a good reputation for their peaceful appearance and atmosphere. However, the oceans are increasingly harmed by pollution and the excessive use of plastics. People often throw their waste into the sea instead of taking it to the corresponding container. All this added up has very negative consequences for fish, and explains how we are losing part of the wealth that marine life inhabits. Rumbo Malabo appeals to collective responsibility. If you plan or have already had the opportunity to do tourism in Equatorial Guinea, we remind you that the protection of the seas, which is also an energy source for us, is essential for our survival.
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Rumbo Malabo and SDG 15: Life of terrestrial ecosystems in Equatorial Guinea

Surely when you think of Equatorial Guinea, the intense green of its landscapes such as the Moka Forest or its rich biodiversity, with endemic monkeys and even sea turtles, comes to mind. If you want to travel to Equatorial Guinea and witness these wonders, you have to consider how to preserve them. Problems such as long droughts or desertification prevent the flora from growing properly. This in turn causes the beings that depend on it to adapt, risking extinction. The flora then acts as a protector of the animal kingdom. To keep it that way, Rumbo Malabo collaborates with FAADA. This foundation fights for the defense of animals, which once again contributes to caring for the environment. Other programs such as BBPP (Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program) also collaborate in raising awareness among Equatorial Guineans and tourists about the importance of this objective. Its main motivation is the safeguarding of species, which gives rise to the development of tourism based on what is known as a national treasure.
Vida terrestre Rumbo Malabo

Conclusions of Rumbo Malabo on the SDGs in Equatorial Guinea

Tourism is a sector of the economy with great impact on the environment. In fact, more and more people are curious to know what Equatorial Guinea is like and what they can see there. To visit this or any other country it is necessary to educate people in the SDGs. Having these guidelines is essential for the survival of our planet and only through them we will achieve a cleaner and more equitable world. As you may have already noticed, Rumbo Malabo integrates the SDGs into its policies. It is in our hands to do everything possible to reverse the situation. That’s why we encourage everyone to take every step towards a greener and more sustainable planet.
Alberto Esparza

Alberto Esparza

Tourist Operator in Equatorial Guinea

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