Travel to Africa in Spanish: Equatorial Guinea

Travel to Africa in Spanish: Equatorial Guinea

Discover Equatorial Guinea in Spanish: an exciting option for your vacation in Africa. With Spanish as the official language, we guarantee a seamless experience for Spanish speakers worldwide. From spectacular natural reserves to paradisiacal beaches, our country offers a fascinating blend of cultures, history, and biodiversity. Our excursions and tours are designed to meet your personal needs and preferences. The dry season between October and April is ideal for visiting the coastal region, while the mainland is best visited between December and March. Contact us and let us help you plan the trip of your dreams to Equatorial Guinea!

One of the reasons why many people don’t venture to discover the African continent is the language barrier. And we bet you didn’t even know that it’s possible to travel to Africa in Spanish.

If you’re surprised, keep reading because we’ll tell you all about traveling to Africa in Spanish, specifically to Equatorial Guinea.

Africa: A good idea for vacations?

Although Africa is full of amazing nations to visit, there are many myths surrounding tourism. One of the main ones is the language barrier, as this continent is multicultural, filled with different roots, ethnicities, tribes, and languages. But did you know that there is a country in Africa where Spanish is spoken? Equatorial Guinea!

Few people know that here we speak Spanish as the official language, and wherever you go, we will speak to you in your native language. Whether you are from Latin America or Spain, you will feel at home knowing that here you can travel to Africa in Spanish.

If we add to this the great natural wealth, the enormous biodiversity, and the beauty of our culture and history, Africa is the best idea for your vacation! Additionally, we promise you will enjoy your stay from start to finish. You will understand what the guide says, experience the tours to the fullest, and take away the best memories.

Equatorial Guinea: A growing destination

Despite still being a relatively lesser-known destination, there’s no doubt that we are seeing more and more tourists every day. And the reason is simple: we have everything you need for the best vacation experience.

In Equatorial Guinea, you’ll find spectacular natural reserves, a wealth of flora and fauna, paradisiacal beaches, rich history, culture, delicious food, and vibrant atmosphere. That’s why every year we welcome more travelers ready to embark on great adventures.

Moreover, everyone is so amazed that you can travel to Africa in Spanish in Equatorial Guinea that they always come back.

Why visit Equatorial Guinea?

If you’re still not convinced, here are the reasons why those who travel to Africa in Spanish love visiting our country.

We speak Spanish.

Yes, we know we’ve already mentioned that you can indeed travel to Africa in Spanish here, but it’s truly wonderful. You don’t have to worry about not understanding the guide or paying extra for a tour in your language or a translator.

This allows you to enjoy your trip to the fullest because you’ll understand what they’re saying and you’ll have a good time. All the stories, legends, and facts your guide gives you will be comprehensible, no matter which Spanish-speaking country you come from.

Its natural beauty

Of course, the natural richness of our country is another great reason for you to visit us. Here you will find spectacular natural reserves full of unique biodiversity. You can spot magical and imposing animals such as leatherback turtles, for example.

You can also explore unique parks and climb a volcano, for example, or go hiking in the jungle. Adventure lovers will undoubtedly appreciate being able to go on a safari in Spanish and thus understand everything the guide says”

Plenty to see and do.

Nature isn’t all we have to discover. Thanks to our Spanish colonial past, we have a strong European influence. This allows us to showcase a unique culture to the world, a fusion of Spain and African tribes, which will mesmerize you from start to finish. From our Africanized cuisine to music, dance, art, and more.

Not only can you immerse yourself in our culture, but you can also experience our history. From our museums and historical buildings to our legends, you’ll learn how we became the preferred destination for Spanish-speaking Africa trips through our unique identity.

When to visit Equatorial Guinea?

Our natural richness makes climate an important factor to consider when planning trips to Africa in Spanish. For example, in the coastal region, due to its geographical location, the best time to visit is during the dry season between October and April. However, if you want to witness the spectacle of sea turtle nesting, you should come from November to March.

For the part of Equatorial Guinea that is on the mainland, the best season to travel is from December to March as the heat is not as intense and there is no rain. However, there are also travelers who plan their trips to Africa in Spanish from June to September.

How to get to Equatorial Guinea?

Forget about getting lost at the airport and not knowing how to ask for directions or taking a taxi and not being able to give directions. Since we speak Spanish, navigating the airport is much easier. You can also take a taxi without fear of getting lost.

Remember that our airport, the Malabo – Santa Isabel International Airport, has international flights to various parts of the world. Here, you just need to take a taxi, tour, or private transfer to your hotel or final destination.

We help you with your trips to Africa in Spanish!

To fully enjoy your trips to Africa in Spanish, you need the best. With us, you’ll find a specialized tourism agency based in Equatorial Guinea. A dedicated agency committed to making your trip the best it can be.

Keep in mind that our country is still opening up to tourism. That’s why travelers are required, for example, to obtain a visa. But with us, you don’t have to worry about that. We will assist you with everything, from your visa to flights, hotels, tours, and transfers.

So if you’re eager to enjoy Africa in your language with safety, peace of mind, and confidence, contact us! With our experience and reputation, we’ll plan the best trip to Africa in Spanish for you. That way, you can focus solely on enjoying Equatorial Guinea and your vacation.

Rumbo Malabo

Rumbo Malabo

Tour Operator in Equatorial Guinea

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