Rumbo Malabo in 2022

Rumbo Malabo in 2022

2022 started already, and like every year, it gives us a unique opportunity to set new challenges, new goals and plan what this year will be like for us in Rumbo Malabo.

What happened in Rumbo Malabo in 2021?

Before we start with 2022, we need to talk about our 2021. First, it has been a hard year, difficult, and full of obstacles. But, on the other hand, it has been a very satisfying season that has given us the opportunity to learn incredible lessons that will, to a large extent, mark this year’s goals.

Rumbo Malabo projects in 2021

One of our first projects was to participate in the UNDP sustainable development competition. Unfortunately, we were not chosen with our ecotourism project on the coast of Ureka, but this initiative gave us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and work in-depth on such a beautiful and innovative project. A great example of this is our current relationship with NGOs such as “The drill project“, “Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program” and “Turtles of Equatorial Guinea

On the other hand, at the end of the year, we presented ourselves to the contest of start-up of the year, promoted by Total Energies, and we have just received a communication thanking our participation and announcing that we have moved to the next phase. So you’ll have more news soon because we’ll need you more than ever to take our initiatives as far as possible and make a greater impact on our communities. But one thing is clear: we want to help local communities and all lovers of biodiversity and sustainable tourism.

Tourism in Equatorial Guinea during 2021

Despite what it may seem, Rumbo Malabo has continued to make the best possible effort to show this wonderful country to as many potential tourists as possible during this 2021. Part of these efforts has resulted in the visit of international tourism agencies such as Nomadik travel and its director general. On the other hand we have given visibility to the destination and many other agencies have been interested in knowing Equatorial Guinea

In addition, not all are international tourists, local awareness is also very important for the protection of ecosystems. Therefore, we have organized several day trips for Basilé Peak, Ureka and Biao Lake. All the people who have accompanied us, have told us their utter amazement at the adventures they lived. Therefore, we will continue to innovate and create new activities for all of you.

So, overall, this 2021 has been a learning year, and we are very happy about it. Everything that has happened to us has only made us stronger and has given us more hope for this coming year.

Rumbo Malabo goals for 2022

Continue promoting ecotourism in Equatorial Guinea

We believe we have done a great job in 2021 promoting the country brand, and putting Equatorial Guinea on the map of sustainable global tourism. It would be naive to pretend that the work is done or that it is close to being completed. We still have a long way to go, and in 2022 we want to take another step forward. How do we intend to do that?

Attend international events

There are many international events and fairs on our radar. Of them, unfortunately, we have not been able to attend because of the pandemic that plagues the world. But our goal for 2022 is to attend at least some international conference online and show the world everything Equatorial Guinea has to offer.  We’re going to make an impact! It takes time, preparation, and a lot of funding, but we’ll make it. And we’ll be together to live it and celebrate it

Support NGOs to promote biodiversity in Equatorial Guinea

The conversation about biodiversity is key to sustainability and is a central value for ecotourism. Therefore, we need to help and promote the NGOs that are responsible for this hard work in the country. We are passionate about biodiversity, and we have to recognize the vast technical knowledge that these NGOs have and the great work they do even without much visibility.

Among them, we want to highlight “Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program”, “The Drill Project”, “Ecoguinea”, “sea turtles of Equatorial Guinea” and many others that unfortunately we have not had the luck to work with. If you know or collaborate with any such organization, contact us, and we will be happy to meet them.

How do we plan to help these NGOs? Very simple, promoting their work in social networks and fairs. In addition, we want to serve as a link between people interested in their work with the possibility of funding and them, the final recipients.

Strengthen ties with the diaspora outside Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a talented exporting country. It is incredible how many artists, journalists, influencers, and other professionals are currently abroad and miss their land. To these people, we want to bring their hometown closer and we want to make things simple for them to return to their land in one way or another.

Therefore, we plan to organize meetings and breakfasts with them on different occasions, show them how the country has changed and, who knows, maybe some will be encouraged to visit the birthplace of their ancestors or their own.

Anyway, we believe that they are the best ambassadors of the country and the first that we have to surprise with the change that the country has given in recent times.

Increase reach in social media

Social networks are a very important tool for us. Possibly, if you have come this far, it is through any of them. Therefore, we want to take this moment to thank you for the support, for every like, comment, like, etc. All this makes us feel appreciated and valued. Thank you very, very much.

Rumbo Malabo

During 2022, we want to focus on producing more videos, more reels and staying active on Instagram and other social networks. If you don’t follow us yet, join our community! You won’t regret it.


The year 2021 has been good. The year 2022 will be even better. More content, more interviews, more blogs, more photos, and above all more Equatorial Guinea. Join us on this adventure and be part of our community.

Rumbo Malabo

Rumbo Malabo

Tour Operator in Equatorial Guinea

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