Equatorial Guinea in fiction: Film, Literature and Series

Equatorial Guinea in fiction: Film, Literature and Series: 11 options that will transport you

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Are you thinking of visiting Equatorial Guinea? Then you will love this post. We are going to talk about some pieces of fiction that will make your imagination fly. It will be just like traveling to Equatorial Guinea. Put your seatbelt on!

Equatorial Guinea is a country with a lot of history, culture, beautiful landscapes. And all this has inspired us to find an emerging flow of cinema, series, and literature in the country. And that’s not all; Equatorial Guinea also appears in other examples you may already know.

Here are 11 examples of works of fiction in which Equatorial Guinea has something to share:

Equatorial Guinea in cinema: the perfect shot for a film

The world of cinema in Equatorial Guinea has not come out of anywhere. The first cinematographer arrived in the country in 1904 with the desire to create a film culture. Today, most Equatoguineans enjoy the film as entertainment. However, something more is gradually emerging: a desire in young people to unite and create cinema. On the other hand, Equatorial Guinea has also had the leading role in other films from industries such as Spain.

We recommend these four films to prepare for your trip if you are thinking of vacationing in Equatorial Guinea. Ready with your popcorn?!


The film is the perfect example of the new trend of Equatorial Guinean cinema. Its director, Rubén Monsuy, decided to found the first Guinean Film Association (ASIGE) to promote cinema and encourage other directors to follow his lead.

Feguibox premiered at the Göteborg Film Festival and the Riviera Maya Festival. The film tells the story of two young men passionate about boxing and struggling to make it to the Olympics. According to the director, it is a story of perseverance and motivation that shows the country’s spirit.

Anunciaron Tormenta

Premiered at the famous Berlin Film Festival, Anunciada Tormenta is a historical documentary that narrates the different events during the Francoist period and how Equatorial Guinea moved forward.

The Equatoguinean director, Javier Fernández Vázquez, is an anthropologist. His passion for learning more about the history of Equatorial Guinea led him to this research project. Moreover, his desire to portray the consequences of colonialism.

Misión Blanca

Awarded for its screenplay in the Second Edition of the Film Circle Writers’ MedalsMisión Blanca tells the story of a religious mission in Equatorial Guinea during the last years of colonization. It is a dramatic film directed by Juan de Orduña and starring Manuel Luna. Another example of a great story about Equatorial Guinea.

Palm trees in the Snow


One of the best-known Spanish films about Equatorial Guinea is Palmeras en la Nieve. It tells the love story between a young bourgeois and a Bubi woman. The film is a portrait of the time and is an adaptation of Luz Gabás’ self-titled bestseller. Thanks to his fantastic cinematography, the film was awarded two Goya Awards.

The plot takes place at Finca Sampaka. However, one of the most curious facts is that although its narration is in that cocoa plantation, the filming did not occur in any location in the country. This film was shot mainly in the Canary Islands.


These films are a reflection that Equatorial Guinea is the perfect canvas to start and narrate a story. And this is just the beginning. Its history is worth knowing. You can enjoy it by visiting Equatorial Guinea!

Equatorial Guinea in literature: from imagination to books

Books have the magic of transporting us to places we can never imagine. That’s why, if you’re planning a trip to Equatorial Guinea, we recommend these four books to transport you back to the country. These writers will be able to teach you Equatorial Guinea even if you’ve never been to the country before

La Bastarda

The Equatorial Guinean writer Trifonia Melibea Obono wrote this book about the experiences of a young woman of the Fang ethnic group. Its reading will take you on a journey through Equatorial Guinea and tell you the experiences that will transform the protagonist. The book also describes the country’s features and the consequences of colonialism.

Historia de una maestra

Josefina Aldecoa elaborated a narrative that emerges from the truth, memory, and authentic feelings. Historia de una maestra tells the story of a teacher who starts working in rural schools in Spain but decides to move to Equatorial Guinea. The protagonist lives these experiences, and, at the same time, you can see the historical changes in Spain and Equatorial Guinea due to the first Spanish republic.

La República Fantástica de Annobón

The second Spanish republic is also the protagonist of this work. With its arrival, radical changes are taking place in Equatorial Guinea. A second sergeant of the republic embarks on a mission in the country and discovers an entirely different world. Francisco Zamora mixes fiction with history, giving rise to a romance amid so many social changes.

Equatorial Guinea and the series: if you’re more of a "small screen"

If you are one of those who enjoy longer stories and are also thinking about sightseeing in Equatorial Guinea, you will love this list. Equatorial Guinea has been the inspiration for exciting series that you can already enjoy. We bring you some!

Peace Force

Fuerza de Paz Guinea Ecuatorial

Peace Force is a drama created by Aurora Guerra that has started its shooting this year. It will tell the story of a Spanish contingent in Equatorial Guinea on a military base. Everything will begin to change when a suicide occurs on the spot. Spanish Television has decided to bet on this drama that will feature the participation of Felix Gomez and Martiño Rivas.

Fuerza de Paz Guinea Ecuatorial

Two lives

Dos vidas, serie ambientada Guinea Ecuatorial

Televisión Española broadcasts this daily series set in present-day Spain and the colony of Spanish Guinea in the 1950s. It tells the story of two women who are not satisfied with life. Grandmother and granddaughter decide to take control of their lives and find love and passion.

Dos vidas, serie ambientada Guinea Ecuatorial

Elùb: intrigue and passion

elub serie TVGE

This telenovela-style series tells the story of a group of wealthy young men from Equatorial Guinea struggling to find love, pretty much the Equatoguinean Gossip Girl . The story is full of passion, infidelities, and the desire to reclaim their destiny.


As we can see, writers, directors had found inspiration in Equatorial Guinea.  However, Equatoguineans are struggling to tell these stories. With this list of works of fiction, you have the perfect opportunity to dig into the culture. You are one click or book away to discover more about the country.

After checking out these examples, you are more passionate about visiting Equatorial Guinea. You can look at our routes and excursions. We are happy to help you discover Equatorial Guinea. You will see that it is indeed a country worthy of many films.

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