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Who is Rumbo Malabo?

Rumbo Malabo - Visit Equatorial Guinea is in your hands

Rumbo Malabo is an incoming travel agency in Equatorial Guinea formed by a group of enthusiastic ecuatoguinean dedicated to responsible tourism.  Moreover, we all share a passion for the unexplored parts of this wonderful country and we believe that well-managed tourism is key to maintain and protect the traditions, the cultural diversity and the nature of this beautiful country. In other words, we fully endorse the sustainable developmentment  of our country as per the United Nation World Tourist Organization goals.

“Travelling to Equatorial Guinea is easier than ever”

Why Rumbo Malabo?

Rumbo Malabo is Spanish and it means Heading Malabo

All our trips and excursions start the same way: Heading to the capital of Equatorial Guinea, which is Malabo. From that moment, every experience, adventure and activity that we organize is different and tailor-made.

Equatorial Guinea is, in our opinion, a jewel in Africa yet undiscovered with a great past shared with Spain, Portugal and even Great Britain. Its history is totally unknown and deserves to be discovered. The colonial buildings, the culture and some architectural buildings are a great example.

We feel identified with the magic of the Island of Bioko, a wonderful land that hides unexplored places. We enjoy a walk through Arena Blanca beach, which makes us wish to stay there forever;  The imposing hills of Pico Basilé, that marks and guides the life of all the inhabitants of the island; The most remote regions of South Bioko: Ureka, Moka, and all their surroundings with an exceptional nature and even more pleasant people willing to show any visitor all their traditions.

We feel identified with the vast continental region, which continues to surprise us on every travel. We fall in love with the beaches of Bome and Utonde.  The wonderful reserve of Monte Alen can only take our breath away every time we trek its hills. The impressive city of Mongomo and the surrounding wonderful villages around the road always treated us admirable and nicely.

“This natural, cultural and historical wealth of Equatorial Guinea is what we offer you from Rumbo Malabo and the reason we exist”

Ureka waterfalls

What is Rumbo Malabo’s vision?

Rumbo Malabo is formed by a group of locals with extensive experience in the country, eager to make Equatorial Guinea known. We are a totally local company and we have spent much of our life both traveling and living with the different ethnic groups of Equatorial Guinea. We are a ground-breaking team willing to work for all the tourists who want to visit our country.

Our DNA includes constant improvement and providing the best service to each of our clients. Each of you is special, and therefore deserves special treatment. Our vision leads us to a common philosophy: To design and carry out the best possible experience on your trip to Equatorial Guinea. We will be constantly at your disposal. If you want to make a last minute change on your journey, if you want to visit something special, or any other curiosity you have, we will be there for you. You are the most important here and we work for you.

Journey after journey, and year after year, we discover something new about our country. New landscapes, new people and sites not discovered to date. So, if it’s a constant discovery for us, imagine what can we live together. 

With Rumbo Malabo, traveling to Equatorial Guinea will be an unforgettable experience.

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