Visit Riaba


This small town on the eastern coast of the island has played a fundamental role in the history of Equatorial Guinea, founded by the Portuguese Ramos de Esquivel, the islands first settler in 1507.

Archaeologists have found numerous ceramic helmets with decorations dating back to the end of the Carbonera (10th century).


Some houses and administrative buildings are part and parcel of this borough, which accommodates about 250 to 300 inhabitants.


We will discover the town’s secrets together. First, we will get to know other important cities, such as Rebola and Baney. In turn, we will tour historic towns such as Basuala Mission. We will trek through the jungle from a small village next to Riaba to Balboa beach where a  Bilola dish will be waiting for us. Afterwards, a dip on the beach is compulsory before going for a walk around the city and back home at ¨The farm¨ Here we will be able to experience the manufacturing process to make cheese and meats.



  • 8 hours

What is included?

  • Visit other important cities as Rebola and Baney.
  • Walk around an important village as Bosuala Mision
  • Trekking for the forest from a small village in Riaba to Balboa beach.
  • Fresh Bilola for lunch
  • Stop at “La granja” to observe cheese and meat preparation process.

What sould I take for this activity?

  • Swimsuit, towel and sunglasses.
  • Confortable shoes.
  • Light and long pants.


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