Visit Loreto Lake

Mokca forest


Just like Biao Lake, Loreto Lake is another old crater currently covered by water. Lake Lore is located in the center of the volcanic island of Bioko, forty kilometers south of Malabo and ten kilometers west of the town of Riaba. The lake is approximately 1,350 meters above sea level. This trekking adventure is the lightest of all our offered experiences here at Rumbo Malabo. It is just a 30-minute walk to reach the breathtaking views. Depending on the day, we might be licky and find monkeys and other endemic species.



  • 4 – 5 h (driving included).
  • One hr hiking in addition to the time at the lake.

Ammenities included

  • Light trekking adventure.
  • Trekking of around 30-45 min from the beginning to the lake.
  • Depending on the days, it is possible to find monkeys and other wild species.
  • Excellent trip to combine with something else in the afternoon.

What should I bring to this activity?

  • Hiking boots
  • Light pants
  • Raincoat

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