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Vistazo a la isla de Bioko

4 días


Explorador de Bioko

5 días


La joya de Bioko

7 días


Los secretos de Bioko

9 días

Corisco Sunset

La belleza de Guinea Ecuatorial

10 días

Corisco Beach

Islas de Guinea Ecuatorial

12 días

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Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial a tu medida

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Rumbo Malabo es una empresa joven que nació para dar a conocer de primera mano el enorme potencial inexplorado que tiene Guinea Ecuatorial.

Creemos en el turismo responsable y ecológico, y por ello nuestra filosofía consiste en dar a conocer esos secretos aún sin descubrir respetando la naturaleza y su cultura.

¡Viaja a Guinea Ecuatorial como nunca lo habías imaginado!

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Based on 62 reviews
marc buratti
marc buratti
Great but great
Philip Bottern
Philip Bottern
An amazing experience into the jungle of Bioko. Camp established at the beach with several waterfalls nearby totally on our own with the crew. In the night opportunities to see turtles nesting on the beach. Excellent guided tours into the jungle to see wildlife. Some walking to the camp including crossing a few rivers either swimming or in a small plastic boat. Don't expect luxury in the camp - rather solid food and excellent hospitality by the team. Only pain is mosquitos! Bring a couple of sandals and sports t-shirts as you are warm and/or in the water very often!
Mike Custance
Mike Custance
Rumbo Malabo put together a superb tour for us encompassing Bioko Island, the mainland and one of the small islands. This enabled us to have an insight into the many facets of the country, and appreciate the range of developments Equatorial Guinea is undergoing. The responsiveness of the team both online and in the field was impressive.
Amparo Alpañes
Amparo Alpañes
My experience with Rumbo Malabo in January 2024 has been excellent. Congratulations for the excellent team (Javi, Christian, Florencio and Eli). I visited Luba and the white sand beach, Ureka, and the Finca Sampaka cocoa plantation. Javi and Eli answered all my questions and helped me navigate Malabo without any anxiety. The only think that can be improved is renovating the car fleet. The mountains and the heat in Bioko are hard for cars! I totally recommend working with Rumbo Malabo!
Laura Lockhard
Laura Lockhard
Javi was an amazing guide. We saw the endangered leather back sea turtle female, so close, up on the beach to lay her eggs. We saw chimpanzees, monkeys, drills and other kinds of local monkeys. Beautiful Beaches with no one on them. Beaches all to ourselves. Fell asleep camping to the sound of the ocean waves. Saw many kinds of birds. Javi knows so much about the nature, turtles and animals here. Great hotels, with pools indoor and outdoor, saunas, hot tubs, spas, and great food at the restaurants. All with very friendly and helpful staff. Javi pointed out all the different kinds of sea turtle nests, green , leather back, etc, and their prints from the water to their nests. And the baby turtle hatchlings prints from the nest hatched that day. Many Waterfalls. We went to the wildlife preservation centers and taught us all about the wildlife in Equatorial Guinea parks. He gave me a lot of insight into Equatorial Guinea life. We went to local markets and saw every part of Equatorial Guinea, north, south, east, west, Bioko island, cities, countryside. Javi is very kind and patient, answering all our questions. He is so knowledgeable about the nature and Equatorial Guinea life. I learned a lot from him on this trip. Thank you so much for showing me Equatorial Guinea. I hope to be back again.
David Hananel
David Hananel
Just came back for a short trip to Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea, using Rumbo Malabo. The website is very informative, and Hector was very responsive from the beginning, answering any question promptly, and assuaging any concerns I had. On the ground, I found Bioko to be an exceptionally beautiful island with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, lush vegetation and excellent seafood. Keyla was an excellent guide, and even though we did not get to see the turtles, the overnight Ureca visit was definitely the highlight for me. Overall, an excellent local tour operator.
Dominique LAURENT
Dominique LAURENT
Excellent 2 weeks in depth trip across Bioko and Rio Muni. The trip was very well organized and Rumbo Malabo always responsive. As guide, we had Eli, who was excellent and very cooperative. My wife and I are very thankful to her.
It was a great 2 days tour. The driver was exellent with full knowledge of the country. Guides very kind. Congratulations!
Renee Wash
Renee Wash
The Rumbo Malabo team made my experience on Bikako Island very interesting and fun. They were always on time and friendly. Even thought it was rainy season, they made sure I didn’t miss the most interesting and beautiful parts of the island. I am very happy with my tour and the Rumbo Malabo team.
Osama A
Osama A
Did 3 days of tours with Rumbo Malabo. They were well organized and provided exactly what was requested. The guide Javi was great. He had a lot of interest information about Equatorial Guinea.